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September 28, 2021 - Swa Diamonds

Diamond has been one of the most desirable and sought-after gemstones since time immemorial. Besides its evident value in industrial purposes and the cosmetic industry, diamond is more popularly known and treasured for its place in the jewellery case. With their unique character of dispersing white light into various spectral colours, diamonds have always made themselves highly coveted. If you are looking to buy some jewellery- be it for a formal or casual occasion- we have some advice for you.swa diamonds blog

Here are 6 reasons to choose diamonds over other jewellery: 

Elegance at Affordable Prices 

There is no question that a cute little rock on the finger or a simple neck pendant brings incredible elegance to the wearer's appearance. The even better news is that when some of them can be expensive, diamonds come in surprisingly affordable price ranges too. Compared with other precious stones, diamond is on the more accessible side when it comes to the common man or woman. Is there anything better than being able to own elegant, affordable stones to go with your favourite gown or lehenga? I'd say no.

Men or Women, Diamond Fits Them all 

Diamonds as ornaments come embedded in gold jewellery or with platinum bands or chains. But guess what, that's not all. Diamond embedded dial watches have been in trend for a long time. The use of cute little diamond studs on lip, nose, chest and belly piercings isn't uncommon either. So men or women or non-binary people, jewellery lovers or not, I meant it when I said diamonds are for all. swa diamonds blog post

Amazing Range of Shades to Choose From 

Though colourless ones are considered to be the purest form, diamonds come in various colours if you prefer your rock with some colour. Honestly, where is the fun if there are no colours to choose from? When diamonds can come with hues of yellow, brown, red, green and even pink rarely, black diamond has a charm of its own. So if you are into darker shades, you might just love a necklace of black diamonds.

A Perfect Family Heirloom 

Being the hardest naturally occurring material on earth, Swa diamonds have incredible longevity making them the perfect candidate for family heirlooms. These precious rocks are thus often passed on from generation to generation as a token of love and family value. Let's admit it, a family heirloom as an engagement ring or a wedding gift is the best thing ever. Talk about feeling like a queen on your special days.swa diamonds blog posts

Convey Love and Commitment through the Precious Rock 

For over a century, diamonds have been used on engagement rings. There are few better ways to promise your commitment to your beloved than through a beautiful betrothal ring. After the culture of using diamonds on promise rings took form during the late 19th century, it has never gone out of fashion and it might not ever. 

Diamonds Come with a Great Investment Value

Again, the durability of diamonds makes them a great investment choice. Added to this is the security that diamonds offer from credit risks of banks or financial institutions, currency fluctuations and inflation. Its smaller size is another obvious advantage it has over gold which takes a lot of room. Gemstones have been in use as a means of money transfer for a long time.