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About Us

Concept of SWA Diamonds came into being from CAPESTONE Ventures Pvt Ltd, a leading name in wholesale diamond jewellers market, that does business with prominent retail jewellers. Many retail jewellers who deal only in gold jewellery are reluctant to add diamond jewellery to their stock due to certain factors. Lack of knowledge and experience in dealing with the quality checking of diamonds and difficulty in buying and selling diamond jewellery are their primary concerns. Terms and conditions of buy back, the understanding needed to use suitable packing materials for diamonds that should be different from the ones used for gold ornaments and repairing of diamond jewellery are the other reasons cited by most retailers who have the ability to trade diamond jewellery.

On understanding the scenario, we brought SWA Diamonds to life that will ease diamond and platinum jewellery business.

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Our mission, SWA diamonds believes every woman desires a diamond and we take it as a privilege to give the best quality diamond at an affordable price range so that they get what they aspire for. The company's efforts is to make it available through exclusive SWA outlets in tier one cities and SWA shop in shop outlets in tier two and tier three cities of India so that diamonds reach the women in rural India too.


The evolution of every individual starts with a realization of the true self. Inherent within each person is a beautiful core waiting to be unveiled and brought to light. Swa is the celebration of the spirit of the self. Each person deserves to sparkle and bring her inner light to life. Swa is an expression of the radiant self. Swa is the beginning of all of creation. The words Swagath, Swara, Swatantra, Swayam, Swapna, Swabhiman, Swarga, Swantham, Swaroopam, Swakaryam, Swasthi, Swad all start with Swa. Like the pollen grains that are beautiful, dainty, central to a flower and integral to growth – Swa is the initiator of the journey of the self. The self has multiple dimensions and Swa captures the versatile and diverse aspects of an individual (with its multiple diamond design). The crux of the Swa story is that ‘it all starts with the self’.