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Swa Diamonds Won Guinness World Record For The Title ‘Most Diamonds Sets In One Ring’

July 15, 2022 - Swa Diamonds

It is the time to Shine India among the world, this is the proud Moment for Swa Diamonds was achieved the Guinness Record for The Most Diamonds sets in One Ring is 24,679 Diamonds. The achievement is the key to the success of Swa Diamonds and is the first time a diamond jeweler has won a Guinness Record in Kerala

The Ring is designed with a Mushroom theme that represents immortality and longevity and is named “Ami”. It is really great moment in the History of Swa Diamonds because it is the most significant appreciation for the efforts of three months,  Swa diamonds officially bagged the Guinness world record on 11th May 2022 after completing the official certification process on 5th May 2022. Swa Diamonds has broken the existing record of a diamond ring with 12,638 diamonds.


A piece of jewellery is a piece of art that has a story or message to tell us. It can be inspired by any object, emotion, or thought that evokes feelings that will inspire us. Sometimes even the jewellery speaks to you before even you speak.

Inspired by the pink oyster mushrooms, “ Ami” is a ring with 24,679 alluring conflict free natural diamonds. The form inspiration mushroom represents immortality, longevity, and royalty. The literal meaning of the word Ami is “Immortality.” Hence, pointing out that this magnificent piece of art will give the wearer a touch of immortality and power with a contemporary edge that is appealing to the tenants of the modern era.

Long with breaking the world record, SWA diamonds intends to pass a message through this attempt, When Swa thought about breaking the existing Guinness Record and then decided to design a product that makes it different and also an informative product, that’s how finally reach  Ami.


Mushrooms can be of different shapes and colours. Some are edible, and some are not. Mushrooms are highly nutritional and have ecological, economical, and environmental values. Yet, mushrooms are considered an object associated with disgust and poison or an object associated with witchcraft because some species are poisonous. But both poisonous and edible mushrooms have their purpose in the ecosystem to create a balance. Every possible living being on earth is born with a purpose. From microbes to gigantic whales, every life has its purpose. Let’s Embrace the idea of inclusivity by understanding the concept every lifeform on earth is vital for a peaceful future ahead.    swadiamonds_guinnessrecord_ami2

With a dedicated team of experienced and qualified crafters, jewellers, and technicians along with a talented jewelery designer, Rijisha TV, Post graduation in Lifestyle Accessory Design from the National Institute of Design (NID), and a disciplined planning schedule from Abdul Gafur Anadiyan, the founder and Managing Director of Swa Diamonds, the dreams are made to come true within three months. A short time frame is achievable because Swa Diamonds has its own manufacturing unit and the project is perfectly planned and scheduled by its Managing Director. In preparation for this project, the Managing Director. Abdul Gafur Anadiyan carefully planned, arranged meetings, and scheduled designers, craftsmen, jewellers, and technicians.  “Guinness Record is an honorable moment for us to achieve the Guinness world record and be thankful to recognize our efforts and it inspires us more to do. This is a big milestone for Swa Diamonds, and also shows you any dedicated hard work reaches the aim unless you give up. It gives more responsibilities in the field of diamond Jewellery designs” said Abdul Gafur Anadiyan the founder of Swa Diamonds.