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Stunning Diamond Collection At Chennai Swa Diamonds

June 30, 2022 - SWA DIAMONDS

From the beginning, Swa Diamonds has impressed people with their minimal diamond jewellery designs. Swa Diamonds' affordable diamond collection fulfills the dream of ordinary people once diamonds enter their dreams. In keeping with Swa Diamonds' mission "Diamonds for Everyone who desires", they always strive to make their customers happy and comfortable. Now Swa Diamonds has over 200 outlets across South India, In while Phoenix mall has the best and most famous exclusive outlet and experience center in Chennai. Phoenix mall Exclusive experience center is the only experience center in Tamilnadu, so the franchisees in Tamilnadu experience the quality of products and services from phoenix mall. Also, the fabulous collection of  Diamond ornaments is organized for customers in the exclusive retail outlet.

Chennai Swa Diamonds sales director Riyasul Rahman says that Chennai customers are extremely happy with Swa Diamonds products and services and huge sales of casual wear lightweight ornaments. Chennai Swa Diamonds have the latest exclusive diamond collections. Diamonds are the best investment. They are a symbol of love and a promise for eternity. They don't lose their value like other valuable assets. Diamonds are a perfect gift for your loved ones on any occasion. Diamonds are the best investment because they can be sold at any time, unlike other valuables that may lose their worth over time. However, some people think that diamonds have lost their value because they can't be easily converted to cash when needed. But in reality, diamonds have outperformed gold in terms of price since the year 2000. Swa is a diamond seller that provides a fair and transparent process for you to sell your diamond. Swa is a diamond seller that provides a fair and transparent process for you to sell your diamond and Gold. when you exchange diamonds with new diamond products of Swa, then you will get 95% cash back on that diamond. when you sell your diamonds then Swa gives 90% cashback also while buyback Swa Diamonds no need for a certification record because Swa has laboratories to check the clarification and quality of the product. You can exchange or sell your products from any outlets of Swa. If your product has any damage Swa will repair the problem without any cost that can be provided by all Swa outlets. This transparent and highly regarded service has made Swa Diamonds so popular.

Chennai Swa Diamonds have a collection of exclusive products that are listed here :


The diamond ring is a piece of jewelry that represents the engagement or marriage of two people. It is usually set with a large, brilliant-cut diamond in a platinum or gold setting.SWA Diamonds posts

The diamond ring has been around for centuries and it has evolved over time. The first time that the diamond was used for engagement rings was in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring as an engagement present.

Diamonds are expensive because they are rare and valuable. Diamonds have been used as a form of currency for centuries, but today they are primarily used in jewelry.

There are two main types of diamonds: rough and cut. Rough diamonds have not been cut, so they're not very good for jewelry. Cut diamonds have been cut into the shape that best suits their purpose. They can be used in rings, earrings, pendants, and other pieces of jewelry. The most famous cuts are round brilliants, princess cuts, marquise cuts, and pear shapes.

Swa Diamond Rings are available in yellow, rose and white 18 carat and 22 carat gold. Starting rate of the Swa ring is 4900 and a large collection of minimal weight designs is organized in Swa Diamonds Chennai.


Bangles are one of the oldest forms of jewellery. Millions of years ago, they were worn all over the world. The English word ‘bangle’ comes from the Hindi word bungri, meaning ‘glass’. Women in India wear glass bangles as symbolic wedding jewellery. SWA Diamonds blog post

The most valuable bangles are made with precious metals and adorned with diamonds or gems. Modern bangles originate from South Asia where women have worn them as wedding adornments for more than 10000 years. Currently, we can find fine jewellery bangles crafted with gold, platinum, or sterling silver and decorated with diamonds or gemstones. Diamond bangles are very simple, so they are mostly used as casual wear. These bangles have a lifetime of use due to the materials they are made of, making them treasured gifts and heirlooms. Swa Diamonds have a beautiful set of bangle collections, the starting price of a bangle is from 22700 to lakhs. A diamond bangle is an extremely versatile piece of jewellery. This piece can add elegance to a casual everyday look, as well as accessorize a formal occasion. Most of them are casual wear for working ladies, and college students, bangles do not have any size problems due to their flexible features of the clipping bangles, oval shaped bangle. Bangles are available in three colour such as yellow, white, and rose. You can wear a classic diamond bangle as a single accessory or stack several together for a more dramatic look.


Jewellery worn around the wrist is called a bracelet. Bangles are also a type of bracelet, but they differ because they are rigid. This means that it cannot be bent or shaped in the way that bracelets made with links or chains can. Swa diamonds have various collections of lightweight bracelets with starting prices of 13800 to lakhs. Swa Diamonds Bracelets with beautiful design and more flexible in nature. Some of them are half bangle bracelets, which are a mixture of bangle and bracelet, and some others with adjustable lock, which doesn’t matter how their body nature because it is more flexible for all body types.SWA Diamonds poster

 Also, bracelets are available in different colours such as yellow, rose, and black beads for mangal sutra. One of the special as well as internationally famous tennis bracelets is available here with 22 carats. Common tennis bracelets are available in 18 carats but Swa Diamonds are Designed in 22 carats with more secured each diamond stone with gold coverings. 

Mangal sutra

The use of a diamond mangal sutra ornament is very popular among Hindu women in North India. This ornament is worn around the neck and it is supposed to be a symbol of marital status. Diamond Mangaluru Suthra Ornaments are one of the most sought after diamond brands in India for their beautiful designs and high quality diamonds. SWA Diamonds blogs

Their designs range from classic, and contemporary to ethnic and their prices vary accordingly. A diamond mangal sutra ornament is a beautiful item that you can wear on your hand as a bracelet or around your neck as a pendant. The use of a diamond mangal sutra ornament is very popular among Hindu women in India. Mangal sutra is known as Tanmaniya collection in Swa Diamonds. In order to care for this ornament properly, you should wear it as little as possible. You should also avoid wearing it in water or any other liquid, and wash your hands before handling the ornament. It is advisable to store the ornament in a jewelry box when not being worn.


The Swa Diamonds Solitaire Ornaments are a line of diamond solitaires that are made in 18K gold. The Swa Diamonds Solitaire Ornaments are made from high quality diamonds that can be found in many other jewelry brands as well. The company offers high quality diamonds at competitive prices and excellent customer service. SWA Diamonds

Swa Diamonds have a Solitaire necklace collection, A Solitaire Necklace is a single diamond necklace that is usually worn by women. The first use of the word Solitaire in jewelry was in 1879 when Tiffany & Co. made a diamond solitaire ring. The term was then used to describe a single Diamond necklace that was popular with women in the early 20th century. A solitaire ring contains just one diamond and without any additional gems to detract from its beauty, the diamond shines as its sparkle decorates this classic ring. An iconic style of ring is the solitaire. In most proposals, a minimalist design is preferred, since the sleekness of a band-whether traditional, split-shoulder, or more contemporary-makes the lone diamond is the focal point. Swa Diamonds have solitaire products in 3 colours such as yellow, rose and white in a gorgeous design.


Diamond earrings are a popular jewelry item and come in a variety of styles. Most common styles that can be found in any jewelry store is hoops have been around since the early 1900s and they are still popular today. They are characterized by round or square shapes, with a round hoop being the most common type.

SWA Diamonds

Next is Studs, Stud earrings have been popular since the 1920s and they were originally worn by men for their simplicity, but nowadays women wear them more than men. The most common stud earring is when there is only one diamond on one side of the post and it has a screw-back on the other side. Another one is Drop Earrings, these were first introduced in ancient Greece where they used. Nowadays Drop Earrings are made in fancy materials because it is easy to change. Chennai Swa Diamonds have a huge collection of lightweight Diamond earring Collection with starting price of 7400. 

Swa Diamonds is a leading diamond jewellery company with more than 200 outlets across South India. Beginning in the early days of the 2019 Covid era, 'Swa' survived the crisis and has grown to become a diamond brand. Creating a new world of 'Swa' diamond shining through new designs with very systematic planning and understanding of customer preferences. We have come up with a great diamond scheme for our customers. You can get the diamond jewellery you want with a monthly payment number.

Diamonds offer many health benefits to the person wearing them in addition to being stunning to look at. Diamond earrings, pendants, and rings can also improve the health of reproductive systems, kidneys, diabetes, urinary tract, throats, chins, cheeks, and skin conditions.

The exclusive outlets and experience center in Phoenix Mall are successfully going in Chennai, customers are wondering about the amazing diamond collections they see there like diamond rings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, and pendants at an affordable price because Swa believes every woman deserves a diamond. Swa also offers an amazing buy-back and exchange guarantee. Swa diamonds are wholesaled through the Swa Experience Center, which ensures the beauty and quality of ornaments for other jewellery owners. Due to the customized ornaments designed according to the requirements of customers within the affordable range, there are numerous outlets and experience centers in Tamil Nadu that are thriving.

With the wide variety of customers of the largest mall in the city, the Exclusive outlet & Experience center in Phoenix mall has been the most successful outlet in Tamil Nadu. The Pheonix mall was developed by Pheonix mills limited and Crest Ventures private limited in 2013. There are a number of world class branded products, entertainment options like large and well designed multiplexes and family entertainment centers, cafes and fine dining restaurants, jewellery, and other luxury products on offer at the mall. Phoenix mall is a destination that combines shopping, dining, and entertainment. The Mall is mainly focused on brand loving and quality conscious customers. Now diamond lovers are also one of the customer groups in phoenix mall’s customer list since Swa diamonds customers increasing day by day. On understanding the scenario, we brought SWA Diamonds to life which will ease the diamond and platinum jewellery business. The mission of  SWA diamonds is that SWA believes every woman desires a diamond and we take it as a privilege to give the best quality diamond at an affordable price range so that they get what they aspire for. The company's effort is to make it available through exclusive SWA outlets in tier one cities and SWA shop in shop outlets in tier two and tier three cities of India so that diamonds reach the women in rural India too.